Evaluation Process

Distinguished Young Women at all levels – National, State, and Local – are evaluated in the same 5 categories.

Interview – 25% of overall score
In a 10-minute interview with each candidate, the judging panel looks for mental alertness, perception, personality, sense of values, clarity of expression, and accomplishments.

Scholastics – 25% of overall score
A qualified educator reviews and scores this category based on high school transcripts, academic schedule, academic extracurriculars, and standardized test scores.

Talent – 20% of overall score
Evaluation is based on technical ability, appropriateness of selection, stage presence and performance during a vocal, instrumental, dance, oratorical, or other live performance. Please note that participants are not limited to these examples and past participants have showcased a variety of performances including but not limited to science experiments, martial arts, weightlifting and stand up comedy.

Self Expression – 15% of overall score
While the candidates deliver a brief speech, the panel considers clarity of speech, clear and concise delivery of ideas, confidence, posture and carriage.  

Fitness – 15% of overall score
The candidates perform a group fitness routine while the judging panel evaluates coordination, stamina, agility, and strength without regard to physique.

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