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How It Works
The Distinguished Young Women of Los Angeles County for each graduating class will be selected in winter/spring of their JUNIOR year. The Los Angeles County Program runs on a one-day evaluation system. This is a full day with rehearsals, interviews and culminating in an onstage presentation. The representatives selected will participate in the Distinguished Young Women of California program that summer in Bakersfield, California. ALL participants are eligible for college granted scholarships!


Eligibility Requirements

The Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program does not discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity, or financial status.  We welcome all young ladies who meet the following criteria:

  1. an American citizen
  2. a junior in high school,
  3. never married,
  4. never having had a child
  5. a resident of Los Angeles County


Application Process

Participants may click here to begin their applications or on the “Apply Now” button.

In addition to the online application, participants are required to submit:

  1. proof of US citizenship,
  2. a high school transcript that includes the fall grades of the junior year,
  3. a participant’s agreement, and
  4. a health form.

All of these forms are available in the application library. Submission instructions for these documents will be provided once the online application is complete.

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