Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: the desire to succeed. Below are the Distinguished Young Women of Los Angeles County participants for the Class of 2023.

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Gadelynn Amezcua

High School: Canyon High School

College Preference: UCLA

Career Goals: Architect

Talent: Dance  (Positivo, by J Balvin )

Emma Ayon

High School: Bishop Amat High School

College Preference: Harvard University, Pomona College

Career Goals: law

Talent: folklorico dance (El tranchete, by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan)

Angie Barrios Mackepeace

High School: Diamond Ranch High School

College Preference: Chapman, University of Southern California

Career Goals: Screenwriter, Producer, Company Dancer

Talent: Dance (Brooklyn Baby, by Lana Del Rey)

Isabelle Boun

High School: Mark Keppel High School

College Preference: UC Berkeley, Brown

Career Goals: Healthcare

Talent: Piano (Clair de Lune excerpt, by Claude Debussy, arranged by Isabelle Boun)

Roselyn Chin

High School: Mark Keppel High School

College Preference: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Career Goals: Chief Technology Officer of the United States

Talent: Singing (Every Summertime , by NIKI)

Kaitlin Hong

High School: Paraclete High School

College Preference: Stanford University, University of Arizona

Career Goals: Anesthesiologist

Talent: Singing and Piano (Every Summertime, by NIKI)

Itzel Huerta

High School: Whitney High School

College Preference: Ringling college, CSULB,

Career Goals: Digital designer, Art Teacher

Talent: Art 

Jina Kang

High School: Marlborough School

College Preference: Yale University, Columbia University,

Career Goals: Business Lawyer

Talent: Ballet (Gamzatti Variation from La Bayadere, by Ludwig Minkus)

Olivia Lam

High School: South High School

College Preference: USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA

Career Goals: Physician Assistant

Talent: Gu Zheng solo (Instrumental Performance, by Huang Huai (黃淮))

Janice Lee

High School: Temple City High School

College Preference: Stanford, Columbia, Duke

Career Goals: Lawyer or professor

Talent: Dance (Destiny, by Lee Sun Hee)

Julia Leviadin

High School: Palisades Charter High School

College Preference: Yale, UCLA, UC Berkeley, NYU, ELON, SCAD,

Career Goals: Film Director, Psychologist, Artist

Talent: Writing and reciting my poetry (She, by Julia Leviadin)

Chizam Mukolu

High School: South High School

College Preference: Harvard, Columbia, Brown

Career Goals: Optometrist

Talent: Singing Solo (Summertime, by George Gershwin)

Jade Slevcove

High School: Schurr High School

College Preference: Stanford, Notre Dame

Career Goals: Lawyer, involved with politics

Talent: Singing (Let It Be, by The Beatles)

Chloé Williams

High School: The Buckley School

College Preference: Swarthmore College or Harvard University

Career Goals: Environmental Scientist and Journalist

Talent: Poetry (Lost, by Chloe Williams )

Jennifer Yang

High School: Glen A. Wilson High School

College Preference: UCLA, Stanford

Career Goals: Neurosurgery

Talent: Shaolin Kung Fu (Shaolin Kung Fu Fan Form, by Shifu Feng)

Sabrina Zhang

High School: Polytechnic School

College Preference: Stanford, Wharton, Harvard

Career Goals: Entrepreneur

Talent: Dance (Strange, by Celeste)

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